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Visitor Management Systems in Rockville, MD

MD Electronic Visitor Management Solutions

To protect the property and personnel at your Rockville business location, you must carefully manage any visitors entering the building. This is traditionally a time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone process, but an electronic Visitor Management system changes everything. It could be the solution you need to maintain a safe, secure workplace without consuming precious resources.

Want more information about Visitor Management options for your Rockville business? Contact Allegiance Security Integration to begin working on the best solution for your company.

What Is a Visitor Management System?

Archaic visitor management involves logbook-based systems where a receptionist signs visitors in and out by hand. This process is tedious and unreliable, especially if your company receives a sudden influx of guests.

The next best system is a computer-based visitor management solution. This automates many tasks but is unable to integrate with the security system, leaving your building susceptible to potential security threats.

The best option is fully incorporated Visitor Management, which becomes integral to your building’s security systems, including Access Control, human resource management systems (HRMS), identity management systems (IDMS), and Active Directory.
The Visitor Management solution from ASI is capable of:

  • Capturing a visitor’s signature, photograph, business card, and driver’s license quickly and accurately.
  • Authenticating visitor IDs and credentials.
  • Discreetly comparing visitor IDs against watch lists.
  • Generating single-use visitor badges complete with the visitor’s photo, name, affiliation, and host.
  • Allowing temporary access to certain areas of the building with an expiration time encoded into the badge.

Visitor Management System Features

With many Visitor Management solutions available for your Rockville business, consider the valuable features of ASI’s system:

  • Electronic visitor passes: Similar to airline boarding passes, you can issue electronic passes in the form of QR codes or barcodes. Then, when visitors arrive at your Rockville location, they can self-identify directly from their phone.
  • Self-registration: With this feature, guests register ahead of time so they can check in and print their visitor pass automatically. To ensure a smooth arrival, self-registered guests receive an automated email containing a map, written directions, and other instructions specific to your building.
  • Cloud-based operation: Since the Visitor Management system features cloud-based architecture, you can operate it on any PC, tablet, or smartphone using any web browser. This opens up numerous check-in possibilities, from self-serve kiosks to roving lobby ambassadors armed with tablet computers.
  • Watch lists: The Visitor Management system notifies responsible parties any time banned visitors pre-register or check in at your Rockville building.
  • Audits: Instead of dealing with a time-consuming audit process performed by hand, an electronic Visitor Management system quickly conducts audits in case of security breach or emergency building evacuation.

Benefits of Visitor Management Systems for Rockville Businesses

Our Visitor Management system offers many benefits for your Rockville business, including:

  • Flexibility: Organizations of all sizes can vet and manage visitors with our cloud-based solution. This architecture allows for easy setup and customization to meet your company’s specific needs. Our system also integrates easily with most standard Visitor Management hardware, including badge printers and webcams.
  • Compliance: You’re required to fulfill audit and compliance requirements, which electronic Visitor Management can help with thanks to robust reporting.
  • Reception traffic flow: Flexible options, including electronic visitor passes and self-registration, allow for fast check-in times to keep traffic flowing smoothly through the lobby. Speedy check-in also frees up the receptionist to focus on greeting guests rather than soliciting paperwork.

Choose ASI for Electronic Visitor Management in Rockville, MD

There’s never been an easier way to keep tabs on visitors than electronic Visitor Management. We’re happy to help design a solution that works flawlessly for your Rockville business. Contact us today to get started!

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