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Video Surveillance


It’s often said that when things are out of sight, they are out of mind. But that just isn’t true. There is nothing more important than securing your facilities for those times that it is out of sight. Because of this, Allegiance Security Integration offers custom video surveillance systems that are designed and installed to fully protect your property and eliminate any security weakness.

For high-quality video surveillance systems, contact ASI. Our team will work with you to determine and design the best surveillance system for your DC area business!

What Is Video Surveillance?

A video surveillance system can help deter criminals before they act. How? Thieves do not want to get caught, and a camera recording their illegal activities is likely to get them in trouble. Buildings with video surveillance are less likely to have security breaches—so why not protect your building from outside intruders?

Video surveillance systems, commonly known as closed circuit television (CCTV) and internet protocol (IP) video solutions, are designed to transmit a video signal to a specific set of monitors. At ASI, we install both types of video surveillance systems.

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) – CCTV video surveillance has been around a long time. This option allows you to record video using DVD storage, and you may review recordings at your convenience. These solutions are now considered a bit elementary, but economical.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Video Solutions – With the latest technology in video surveillance, you can easily see the instant transmission of images from any location and almost any device—even your smartphone! It provides higher quality images with endless storage potential.

ASI’s Video Surveillance Features

Trust our skilled leading video surveillance team to secure your property from theft and vandalism, and not cut corners. Our video surveillance systems offer the following features:

  • Day & Night Video – Whether it’s 3 p.m. or middle of the night, our video surveillance cameras will monitor your property. Night vision security cameras are able to monitor low-lit to completely dark environments without compromising image quality, so you’ll never have to worry!
  • Central Managed Solution – Does your company have more than one location? Then our central managed video solutions might be for you! With a central managed system you can record multiple locations and store the footage in one hosted location. And as you continue grow, you can easily add more surveillance! To learn more about the advantages of central managed solutions, give us a call!
  • Event Recording – Is your video surveillance supplementing your intrusion detection system? With event recording, you can set your system to record when an alarm or other signal is received, or when motion is sensed in a designated area of the building.
  • Video Analytics – By monitoring video streams in near real-time, our analytics software automatically generates alerts for events such as vehicles stopped in no-parking zones, people in restricted areas, loitering, and more! ASI offers a variety of products that can provide varying degrees of analytics, dependent on your particular needs.
  • Push Video Alarms to Mobile Devices – Whether you’re at work, home, or on the go, you have access to your building’s surveillance system from your phone! With mobile alarms, you can view and play back incidents so you can always stay on top of happenings in your building, get notified when an alarm is triggered, and much more!
  • Email Notification – Like the mobile alerts, you can set up email notifications so you can be aware of what is going on at all times. You can customize the alerts to your unique specifications. Have questions? Let us know.
  • Thermal Imaging Solutions – A thermal camera captures the heat from an object, person, or vehicle. These cameras are less sensitive to problems with light conditions such as shadows, backlight, and darkness, which means they can easily detect intruders no matter the time of day!

Need to monitor a remote area, specialized equipment, or an unoccupied building? Find out more about ASI’s RAV-247 (Remote Analytic Video) offering. RAV-247 combines video analytics with physical sensors to provide unrivaled flexibility, ease of use, and quality of coverage.

Video Surveillance Design & Installation

At ASI, we understand that designing and installing a surveillance system is much more than just hanging cameras. Video surveillance isn’t a one-size-fits-all job. In order to implement a secure system you need an experienced team that will evaluate your property to find security weaknesses, understand traffic flow, tackle lighting challenges, and determine the best equipment to ensure maximum coverage.

Live video surveillance feeds are helpful in determining if a criminal is on the premises or an employee visiting the facility after hours. Our surveillance cameras allow you to view the video feed from a mobile device—anywhere, any time—offering real-time control over what is happening inside your property.

Whether you need a system that works with your intrusion detection system, or you simply need cameras to monitor the exterior of your building, we have a security solution for you.

Contact us today to find out if your business could benefit from installing a video surveillance system!

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