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Physical Access Control

Whether an institution requires only basic security to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information or a more robust solution with multiple levels of clearance, it all starts with a strong physical access control strategy. This can be as simple as steel security doors to secure main entryways, or it can be a complex system of fencing, gates, and barriers to control vehicular access to your facility and everything within.

At Allegiance Security Integration, we design and implement custom physical access control solutions for clients such as government, military, educational, commercial, and industrial institutions. We can combine physical access control with industry-leading electronic access control, surveillance, security, and management systems to create a comprehensive security solution that meets the needs and the budget of your organization.

Established in 2007, our team at ASI provides total security solutions for clients located throughout the US.

How Physical Access Control Systems Can Benefit a Business

As part of a complete security solution, physical access control systems help to keep your facility, personnel, and confidential information secure from competitors, criminals, security threats, and other dangers, including fire and natural disasters. The benefits of installing a comprehensive physical access control solution include:

  • Improved safety and security for your personnel and property
  • Strict control over access to a building, its perimeter and secure areas within
  • Improved protection of sensitive data, documents, and trade secrets
  • Comprehensive logging of entry and exit events for secure facilities
  • Monitoring and reporting of unauthorized access events
  • Complete integration with electronic access control, surveillance, and management systems

With a physical access control solution from ASI, your business will be safer, more secure and protected from a wide variety of threats.

Components of a Physical Access Control System for Businesses

Physical access control systems are used to control traffic in and out of secure facilitates and areas within, as well as to protect sensitive documents and systems from unauthorized access. Some of the components that can be found in a typical system include:

  • Steel security doors to control access to a building or a secure room within
  • Turnstiles to control personnel and visitor access in lobbies or corridors
  • Safes, vaults, and other secure storage solutions for sensitive documents or components
  • Fencing to create a secure perimeter around a facility
  • Traffic barricades to direct and control the flow of vehicles into or near secure facilities
  • Gates or pop-up barricades to provide secure vehicular entry through a facility’s perimeter
  • Sally ports or mantraps to provide access control to highly-secure areas

These physical access systems can be combined with electronic access control systems, surveillance, and dedicated security personnel to create a comprehensive security solution for your facility.

At ASI, we can design and implement the perfect solution for your security requirements, combining robust physical access control with the latest electronic access technologies, such keycards, passwords, biometrics, and Bluetooth or NFC mobile solutions.

Call ASI for Physical Access Control Solutions

With our extensive experience in the security industry, our team at Allegiance Security Integration can help you meet your security needs for today and for the future.

Contact us online today or call us to discuss your security needs with our industry-leading professionals!

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